NO. 754
 Danville Lodge made an application to Grand Lodge to form a Lodge over the signatures of Brother William Kaserlerst, Elias Maier, Arthur Geringer and William Cairnes in the summer of 1901. Following such an application, C. C. Pickett, then Grand Exalted Ruler, granted a dispensation on the date December 21, 1901 for a Lodge to be known as Danville Lodge and to hold it’s meetings in the Borough of Danville PA. The number 754 was assigned to this new and fledging lodge. Danville Lodge #754 was official Instituted by Order of Grand Lodge on December 30, 1901.

 The first Exalted Ruler was Paul A. Groff, age 28 of Danville, PA By the end of 1901 the membership had grown to 30. The Lodge at this time met in the front room of the second floor in what is now the McWilliams Pharmacy Building, located at the corner of Mill and East Mahoning Streets.

The Lodge moved to its present location in 1923 and our building was totally renovated in 1964. Danville Lodge is 14th in size in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

 At the same time our Lodge was chartered the fee for initiation was set at twenty ($20.00) and the annual dues were ($9.00).
 In the original by-laws the regular sessions of the lodge were set for the 2nd and 4th Monday in each month with the regular hour of such meetings to be 7:30 PM from the first meeting in November to the first meeting in May. During the remainder of the year the meetings started at 8:00pm. During the summer months of July, August and September the meetings were held on the first Monday of the month.

 The Lodge incorporated in 1902 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We have a five member Board of Trustees who are in charge of the building and it’s contents and who act as the fiscal agents of the Lodge. We have a seven (7) member Board of Governors who are in charge of the social side of the organization.

 Danville is considered to be a leader in the State and District we are extremely proud to have
Richard L. Hauck, PDDGER
who is a State Trustee as well as a Past State President who was also the National Director of the Hoop Shoot program for 18 years.
Emile J. Brady, PSP
 We have had six District Deputy Grand Exalted Rulers from Danville Lodge, namely:
Gilbert F. Summerson—2 terms: 1947-48, 1948-49
J. Lee Kessler—1961-62
Emile J. Brady—1970-71
Paul C. Dent—1979-80
Richard L. Hauck—1989-90
Robert B. Geiger 1993-94 (also filled half of 1994-95)
 This does not include the fact that Danville Lodge is proud to be the Home of the present District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler of the Northeast Central District of Pennsylvania:
Larry P. Knorr, PER
In addition Danville Lodge is honored to have Emile Brady, PSP  a member of the Grand Lodge Membership Committee, as well as several District Trustees and District Chairman.
Danville Lodge is part of the 10 Lodges that make up the Northeast Central District, thus also making us part of the Pennsylvania Elks State Association