Seven Springs Mountain Resort




While you are here with us:


1.                  Once you have arrived at Seven Springs, you may not leave the grounds for any reason unless escorted by a chaperone, or to travel to and from your home.  If you drove your car here, you may not move it from its parking space unless traveling to and from your home.


2.                  Once a room has been assigned to you, you are not permitted to move to a different room unless approved in advance by the Tournament Committee.


3.                  No smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages will be permitted at any time.


4.                  Your curfew is 12 midnight.  You must be in your own room by 12 midnight.  The chaperones will make room checks each night.


5.                  If anyone visits your room, or if you visit any other room, the door must be propped open.  This is for your own protection, and will be strictly enforced.


6.                  You are not to throw anything from the balconies or windows at any time.  Any damage incurred will be the responsibility of you and/or your parents.


7.                  All phone calls and missing T V remotes are your responsibility not the ELKS.


8.                  The seminars are mandatory.



While Competing:


1.                  Make sure that you are at your designated starting point 15 minutes prior to the time assigned to you for your competition, and are ready to compete when notified.  It is your responsibility for wake-up calls not the Hotel or your chaperone.


2.                  Good sportsmanship must be practiced during the competitions.  Profanity will not be tolerated.  Any use of profanity will subject you to disqualification.


3.                  Chaperones will be observing the competitions, but they cannot make rulings or answer questions pertaining to your sport.  Please ask for a member of the Rules Committee – they will be happy to help you - just ask..


The chaperones will see that these rules are observed during your stay with us. Please make their job easier. If they see any infractions, they are required to report them to the Tournament Committee, who will be the sole judge of weather you will be permitted to continue your competition, or whether you will be taken home immediately.








Chaperones and parents will be permitted to view the competitions from designated areas only. For the golf tournament spectators are permitted in the club house area only and are not permitted on the course.


The Area II Elks have adopted a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and controlled substances that is in effect at many colleges and universities as follows:


Anyone found in a room where there is alcohol or any controlled substance will be subject to disqualification whether they brought it in or not.


Therefore anyone who would bring any of these substances not only puts his own eligibility at risk but also jeopardizes anyone else in the room.


It is you right and obligation to immediately leave such a situation and ask for help from anyone on the Tournament Committee. Remember the person breaking the rules doesn’t care about you because they know that their behavior puts all of you at risk. So don’t let them get you disqualified.


This tournament is for the benefit and enjoyment of our invited participating athletes only. Outside guests (in slang commonly referred to as party crashers) are not permitted in your room. Anyone violating this is subject to disqualification.


We are confident that we will not have to invoke the aforementioned penalties but no one should under estimate our resolve to do so and provide a safe enjoyable experience for you.


Good luck!  We are proud of you, and wish our very best.



Tournament Steering Committee